10 reasons why we need to pause, reflect and step up our Game

Hey there beautiful,

I Heard you were looking for me. I have been keeping it on the low sinds my back was injured and I couldn’t even stand straight. Before that I was on vacation with my partner for a few weeks, which was amazing by the way. I will definitely share all the fun stuff with you guys in another post.

Sooooo, The past few days were all about, fun, resting, healing and physiotherapy sessions. The last on took only two weeks which is really fast since my condition was really bad. i do believe that My back healed very fast because I had some good rest.

I do believe that taking a break, is the best medicine (alongside laughter). In the end most of us resist it. We deny ourselves the best medicine because…because of a thousand and one reasons that really are more like weak excuses. Trust me’ I have been there.

We forget about the healing benefits of pausing or having some down time in our lives. We advise our friends and colleagues to take breaks go on holiday or just to take a day off. But do we follow this good counsel? Seldom. Instead, we fill our heads with guilt and other foolish – false -work -ethic phrases from another century.

We convince ourselves we don’t need it, don’t deserve it, it’s not possible and in the process fall deeper into that swirling pit of guilt and shame. Then, on Monday morning, we turn to the person next to us and say; “Come on (insert name of best friend) time to take a break, have a holiday, go somewhere nice.”

We forget about the healing benefits of pausing or having some down time in our lives. We advise our friends and colleagues to take breaks go on holiday or just to take a day off. But do we follow this good counsel? Seldom. Instead, we fill our heads with guilt and other foolish – false -work -ethic phrases from another century.

I totally understand that Life can get very hectic and crazy.  For some of us there is always something to do and we are always on the move. Looking back I can conclude without a doubt that the past 6 months I have been busy, always doing something, running chores and errands, people and relationships to take care of, and deadlines….oh goshhh. I always have something to do.

When I look back at the results that i have achieved, I can not complain and I am thankful for sure. But!!!!!…….. After I have wrote down all the I have been doing, when I out the results next to that there is no balance at all. I achieved very little compared to the time I invested.

I bet some of you feel the same when you think about the moments where you’ve seemed to be very busy, but surprisingly unproductive at the end of the day. This is one of the main reasons why its important to not only slow down, but to take a few hours, days or even weeks to pause and reflect before continuing with the journey ahead.

Here’s 10 reasons why we need to pause and reflect:

1. To take a break

Our lives and the pursuits of our dreams are a marathon, not a sprint, and this means that it’s crucial that we pace ourselves instead of charging ahead because this can lead to burnout very easily.

I’ll always remember the story of two lumberjacks who went into the woods. The first one went chopping down the trees for the whole day straight while the second one did some sawing and stopped during regular intervals. So the first guy instinctively knew that his day’s yield will be greater since he actually spent more time bringing down the trees.

Unfortunately, he was wrong. The second lumberjack came back with more timber pieces because when he stopped his cutting, he was taking the time to sharpen his tools.

So take the time to slow down, unwind and relax, and you will feel more refreshed and recharged to take on the world later on!

Forgetfulness & Amnesia

Most people suffer from amnesia and forgetfulness when it comes to what they’ve accomplished or what’s going well in their life. There is something about the human mind that gets fixated on the negative. While it’s probably hard-wired into us to notice what’s not working in order to avoid danger, it’s equally important to train yourself to pay attention to what IS working.

To overcome the forgetfulness habit, review your 2016 calendar to identify everything that you would count as a win, a success — anything you feel happy and proud about.


Connecting with a Cool Vibe

As speakers and entrepreneurs, whether we are doing live streams or on stage, being cool, calm and connected is how we would like to appear and make our mark. But how often do we blitz through it instead of flow? How easy it is to forget that the person or people watching and listening, need a moment to digest your offer, understand your meaning or simply appreciate your point of view. Nowadays, many things run at a pepped up and pumped up pace and, let’s be honest, a lot of it we don’t tune into. We switch off and faze out.

Increase Your Confidence

When you review and write down your accomplishments for the year, you automatically feel more confident. And when you feel more confident, you increase your energy and enthusiasm about what you’ll accomplish next.

Take just 30 minutes in the next 2 days to sit down and write all of your wins, accomplishments, and successes in 2016. If you want to go even deeper, write down why this achievement is so important to you, and what any next steps might be.

2. To evaluate what we have accomplished

You’re in the middle of pursuing your dreams and hitting the pause button will give you time to evaluate whatever you have accomplished thus far. Are you on track with your goals and milestones? Do you have sufficient resources to progress to the next step?Do you need to speed things up? Or can you afford to take things slower?

3. To celebrate our victories

Sometimes in the busyness of things we can get so overwhelmed that taking the next step is too laborous and arduous — sort of like a runner struggling to put one foot ahead of the other when he’s at the point of extreme fatigue.

In such a case, pausing and reflecting will give us the chance to look back and celebrate the victories, however big or small they may be, which we have achieved along the way.

4. To learn from our mistakes

Certain mistakes which we make during our dream journeys may not be apparent until we look back in hindsight. With this in mind, we should see our failures not as reasons for disappointment but as valuable learning opportunities. Moreover, the more we learn from our previous mistakes, the less likely we’ll repeat them down the road.

5. To check our future direction

I feel that this might be the most important reason for pausing and reflecting.

When things get busy and crazy, it is easy for us to lose track of where we are heading and even forget the reason why we are doing what we are doing. For instance, if you’re rigorously learning a new instrument and you begin to feel burdened by your music lessons or the practice sessions, it helps to pause for a moment to remind yourself why you’re doing this in the first place.

Additionally, taking a breather will give you the chance of ensuring that you’re still on the right track and not deviating off course.

Therefore, as much as we need to be zealous and enthusiastic about pursuing our dreams, it doesn’t hurt to take a breather regularly!

Have you been taking the time to pause and reflect lately?

No one says “I’m glad I played it safe!” when on their deathbeds. It’s time to step up and play a bigger game in your life and career. I’ll see you at Industry Bootcamp.


As we head into the holiday season, it is a wonderful time to reflect internally to seek to understand, in a non-judgmental manner, the answer to the following question:

Am I currently living in the best version of myself? If not, why?

What do I need for that answer to be definitively “Yes”?

As we go through life there are ups, downs, opportunities, and challenges, all of which encompass our life experience. As we know, experiences can either leave us in a better or worse place depending on our perspective at a given time.

It is this common thread that gives every human being on this planet the unique and personal opportunity to decide to grow positively from our experiences or stagnate. After all, what’s life all about if we’re not willing to reflect on our current state of being to determine what we want to change or let go of to propagate our evolution and growth?

As humans, we carry pieces and parts from the past, some that serve us and others that don’t. Many of us wait until there is a “have to” or emergency situation that forces us to change. What if we take a more proactive approach to life and take the time to pause, reflect, and assess where we are and if our current state of being is bringing to light the best of us in this lifetime.

If we are willing to take the time to get real with ourselves, this process enables us to determine just which pieces and parts need to be set down to enable our journey ahead to be traveled with more ease. This, of course, can be a difficult task because as human beings we like to accumulate things, the good, the bad, the ugly. If we are willing to proceed, recommended action includes taking 15 minutes every day this week to capture key themes/beliefs/feelings that characterize our current state of being.

It can be helpful to capture these themes in four categories: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Next to each theme, capture whether this is a positive, negative, or neutral in our life. That’s it, stop there and just allow the simple awareness of what you captured soak in.

Revisit the list next week after the Thanksgiving holiday and highlight which themes are bubbling to the top and where you feel you need to focus the most. This roadmap, of sorts, is the foundation from which we can define the specific areas we want to drive positive change. In December, we will continue the conversation.

If you are ready for transformation to ensure the best version of you is shared with the world, contact me at livefulle@gmail.com and visit www.livefulle.com. 6-month program clients are being qualified now, space is limited and I’ll be accepting 3 more at this time.

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