When work is a pleasure, life is a joy! I love working hard but I love to have fun with it as well. And what can be more fun than working from home in a very inspiring, beautiful and peaceful space? In today’s blog, I will take you guys behind the scenes of setting up my new vlog space and home office.


I am going to back up just a little for those of you who may be new to my blog. I started this little blog of mine in April 2016 to share my knowledge, experiences, lifestyle, and journey with the online community to add value to their lives. Two months ago I started a youtube channel AdventuresWithLivv  because I want you guys to get to know me better.

True my channel you can definitely see more of me and be able to witness my personality very closely. I could be in a room, communicating with 1000s of you at once and if I can help out by doing that, nothing is more satisfying.


After starting my channel I realized I had a real need for a peaceful work space; A desk big enough for writing, a quit spot to record videos and most of all a space that’s very inspiring and invites my soul to just BE!

So I started researching online and perusing Pinterest trying to narrow down what type of desk/table and decor I wanted. I am very fond of wooden furniture, plants, pebbles and all things Feng Shui . During my research, I came across some pallet office furniture and fell in love with them. For the love of art and nature I knew I needed a pallet office desk. That’s when I decided to come up with my own design; a pallet desk combined with pebbles (white stones), plants and a glass top cover.

A few months ago my partner told me about a company by the name of Aura Pallet Innovations. They are specialized in building creative pallet furniture. I called them the same day, shared my idea with them and wanted to know if they would be able to build the desk that I had in mind. They said YES!!! I couldn’t be happier. The next day they came to my house to check out the space and get the measurements for the desk.


I was so excited when I realized that my dream would come true. At first, I wanted a corner desk with two different designs, but when they advised me to choose two desks and bring them together I was all in. The reason for that was that It would be very useful when I need to do some teamwork or when both (my partner and I ) need to work and we don’t want to do it one at a time.

Even though the team of Aura Pallet insured my that I would like the desks I still had my concerns, because I am a perfectionist. Besides that, it was the first time that they would make a office desk so that made me feel, even more, doubtful.

After many sleepless nights and an overdose on excitement, my desk was finally home. They proved me wrong!  I was overwhelmed, positively shocked and amazed when I saw the final result. I can not thank them enough for creating this amazing art piece.


You know what I love about Aura Pallet Innovations? The great service and the fact that they don’t treat their clients as numbers.  The owners Romario and Luciënne Ceder took their time to get to know me. In a short period of time, they noticed that I have a “Green Aura” which means that I’m a balanced, harmonious and peaceful person. I see life through my heart and for me, life as a human being is the most wonderful gift of life. This is part of who I am and I wanted this to reflect true my home and work space.


I believe that the colors of the rooms in your home are a direct reflection of your personality. While most of us may not spend a lot of time thinking about room color, it affects us every day.

I need harmony in my life and prefer to live in a natural environment. This also explains why I strongly feel the connection with nature and why I choose the color green as the main color for decorating.

Green is considered the most restful color for the eye. It has a calming effect, it relieves stress by helping people relax. Combining the calm and refreshing quality of white, the art of the pallet wooden desks and the expression of nature true my indoor plants, it is suited for my work space. It cools me down, it encourages me, invites me to just BE and it has enough warmth to promote comfort and togetherness.


Guys, I think that I’ve done enough talking, so now its time to let my actions speak right! Check out the video below and be the witness of an ultimate home office transformation. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and share your thoughts. I would really love that.

Thank you for stopping by and have an amazing day.

With love



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