Hello beautiful reader,

Welcome to my documented interests, discoveries and learnings.

My name is Olivia and I am an Image Consultant, fashion enthusiast and fitness fanatic who’s very passionate about making a difference by helping people to consciously alter their image for success.
I love to think of myself as “A free spirit”, who not only aims to inspire people to know and accept their true self but also helps them unlock their ultimate power so they can use it to increase their exposure, credibility, and revenue.
Image matters because people often make assumptions based on limited information. A poor image can be costly as well as painful. Both individuals and companies can experience tremendous benefits by improving their image.
As an image consultant I mainly focus on personal branding, image coaching and customer service.  My services range from personal consultations, evaluation of clients their lifestyle, personal style, clothing choices, wardrobe evaluation and overall appearance.
I also conduct workshops with schools and corporate organization on dressing, grooming, body language and etiquette.

Resume aside, I am a Taurus, emotionally strong, fiercely loyal, distracted daydreamer, strongly independent, genetically engineered to seek out the happiness of my loved ones, extremely patient, simplistically optimistic, too stubborn at times and just plain human.With my blog I aim to inspire and motivate you to unlock your ultimate power and create a life that you love. While traveling around the world, I will open a window to my world and share my journey and finds as an image consultant, a fashion lover, fitness fanatic and life enthusiast with you.

I hope you enjoy this website, if anything inspires you, feel free to share a note!

Lots of Love!