Adventures With Livv: The Start Of A New Journey!

Hey loves! I have to say that I am both excited and terrified to share my first YouTube video with you! ‘Starting A YouTube Channel’ has been on my goal list for a while now and you guys really motivated me to do it…. So it’s about time!


I’m a perfectionist! And as many of you know, being a perfectionist can hinder you in so many ways! Earlier this year I promised myself to push my own boundaries. I’m still trying to break away from the perfectionistic prison where I often find myself, so I decided to just open up my doors in the most real and raw way possible: On YouTube!


A few weeks ago I started researching extensively. I spoke to friends and people I know who have experience with video recording and editing. I watched youtube video’s, read articles and tried to figure out how to get this to life practically. After countless hours my channel was (FINALLY) up. Yayyy!


  1. One of my motives behind this is to add value to your life by sharing my knowledge, experiences, lifestyle and more. “Learn, Share and Grow”attitude!
  2. Other than that I want you to get to know me better. You will definitely see more of me and be able to witness my personality very closely.
  3. I realized most of us have moved on from reading to watching. It is actually the new age of fire and most effective form of learning as you can see something visually in action (rather than still images). I could be in a room, communicating with 1000s of you at once and if I can help out by doing that, nothing is more satisfying. 

See it as my way of giving without any expectations. Hence, this channel.

I must mention that I will be speaking “Dutch” (my native language) in my first videos. In the near future I will be speaking English, so don’t go too far English speaking friends of mine. Your patience will pay off. (Big hug).

Sooooo……(drum ruffle)! I hereby present to you ‘ my first YouTube video – Bare with me and don’t judge, please. I’m willing to learn so I can get better at this with each day. I kindly ask you to share your thoughts and feedback as much as possible.

With that said, we’re about to get to know each other a LOT better. So buckle up,  jump on in with me and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel “Adventures With Livv” to be part of a great adventure.

A huge shout out to my friends and biggest supporters who stood next to me and supported me since the time I presented the idea until today – unconditionally! Simone Verwey (my loving and very patient, who’s not only my biggest fan but also the best video editing teacher ever), Suradj Hanoeman (my very very wise brother, who is always a step ahead and shares the knowledge with me so I can stay on track), Rohma Banwari (always real, supportive, optimistic and uplifting), Jenilva Bree (Oh my god, your such an amazing person; young, inspiring,  intelligent and down to earth..your a keeper) and last but not least Jerry Finisie my friend, business partner & advisor (who always sees the best in any given situation and inspires me to spread my wings and FLY. Words can not describe how much I cherish you guys. 

My virtual friends, you inspire me more and more each day. This wouldn’t be possible without you. I am here for you and I am happy to have you! Stay with me and most of all, keep inspiring me.

My friends Rohma, Suradj & Simone during first video recording

Hugs & kisses



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