Hey Beautiful people! I’m backkkkkkk!

I love to start of by welcoming, March! May this month be good to you all. My gut tells me that this month will be very bright and colorful for me, so I’m purposely attracting what I believe by adding more color to my life spiritually, emotionally and physically. Bring it on March!
I am so ready to receive all the goods.

For me adding more color to my life means that there will be……no wait……Let me choose the right words.
For me adding more color to my life means that “THERE IS” (speaking it into existence) more vibrance, awareness, self-love, active self-care, abundance and an endless persistence to find the beauty in every situation. Because as much as life and circumstances suck sometimes, the world is FULL of extraordinary abundance, color, and magic if we look for it, notice it, and embrace it.

My “colorful life” journey actually started 3 years ago, just before turned 30 years. Hee!!!!, I saw that! That shocking look on your face. Yes, I am over 30, I am turning 33 next month. You may close your mouth now and relax (big smile). I guess that’s what I get for living a healthy life, looking young, healthy and fabulous. Thanx for the compliment though. Oke back to business…….Before my 30th I felt very comfortable wearing dark colors. You would definitely see me walking around in black, brown, grey and blue outfits, mostly combined with wite. And the funny thing is that I convinced myself that those were my favorite colors.

Nowadays If you ask me what my favorite colors are, my answer is ” I love all colors”. Want thing I have learned about myself over the years is that the colors I wear or prefer to surround myself with are never consistent. Whenever I am in a life transition, my personality and the way that I look at life changes automatically and so do the colors that I feel attracted to. So, my choice of colors depend on the circumstances surrounding my life which will never be consistent.

Even though I love all colors, I do believe that I have an aura and personality color, which is “Green”. Green is the color that I often choose and reflect in the clothes that I wear and the way I choose to decorate my home, office, and surroundings. Green reflects my personality and my deepest needs. When I started seeking out more color in my daily life, green was the first one that caught my attention and I felt spiritually connected to. Nowadays I find an amazing abundance of colors in nature and the earth around me and quite frankly, I’m constantly in awe.

Long story short, whether we realize it or not, colors play a big role in our everyday lives. By knowing the meaning and effects of them we can use them in our benefit and in any circumstance to reflect our qualities and attract the things we need to improve our life.
From now on until……uhmmm I don’t know when (letting my gut take lead) I will be using and mixing a number of bright colors to keep my energies and behavior balanced and most of all the attract all the good stuff that life offers.

As an image consultant, I have studied colors and the relationships they have with each other, I can tell you all about it. I also often use the color wheel which is a traditional color theory that helps you understand which colors might work well together (or not) and what kind of effect different combinations will create. So I am highly aware of the impact that color combinations have on how I am perceived, understood and interpreted. BUT…..In this case, choose to put my knowledge aside and follow my instinct when I choosing colors. And guess who’s fault that is…..”March”! Look what you have done, now I’m breaking the rules because of the vibe that your giving me.

To keep this professional and to speak fashionable language what I will be doing is called “Colorblocking”. This is a method of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit. It is sometimes written as color blocking, with two separate words. The outfit, when color blocking revolves around a palette of two or more colors, usually in bold and bright shades and the result is a simple yet very chic look.

The process of color blocking is as straightforward as it sounds; adding blocks of solid colors to one ensemble. One piece of clothing in an outfit can have a bold, geometric print resembling a color-blocked pattern, or an entire look can be color blocked with pieces in the outfit being in different colors, all solid. All in one I will be “turning up” (having a ball) with colors when choosing my outfits.


So beautiful all, to kick-start this new and colorful month I choose to dress like I am receiving and enjoining the next level of abundance already.

Today I am mixing all of my loudest brights. I choose to combine two primary colors Yellow (pants) and Blue (shirt) which always stand on their own right and cannot be created through the mixing of other colors. (Just like me and you). Yellow is a warm color that gives me great energy and reflects my emotions and blue makes me appear more calm and reliable, which I really am. I also added orange (shoes) and magenta (blazer) for the final touch of today’s look.
Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. Yesssss!!! All that I am feeling at the moment.
Magenta spiritually represents those who don’t like to be restrained or confined in any area of their life – Free spirits who dislike the restriction of rules but choose to live a very organized life. (Meeeeee!!!). So my outfit represent all that I’m feeling in this moment.

My #OOTD statement: Forget all the “RULES, just trust your GUT!
(How sweet is my orange Nine West pump under my yellow pants designed by the amazingly talented designer of Suriname Christel Nirk?).

So guys, If you want to color up your life or you feel that March will bring lots of light take a cue from me and mix all of your loudest brights to start attracting and receiving whats yours.

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