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Marjorie Fernandes: “The Emerging Designer Inspired by her Mother”

Hey beautiful people,

Earlier this year  Suriname born, Netherland based designer Marjorie Fernandes showcased her 2017 collection in Suriname true a photoshoot in the street of Paramaribo Suriname. I was honestly very honored to meet her in person and to be able to work with her. She has such a beautiful spirit! Oh my god, I am so impressed by this woman. Kind, outspoken, very passionate and creative and most of all very  optimistic. She is one of a kind and I love the fact that she expresses that very well true her designs.

Together with two well know models in Suriname by the name of Rio Zalman and Bella Bottse, I prepared myself for the photo shoot, knowing that we would be posing in the streets of Down Town Paramaribo during rush hour. We started at Courtyard by Marriott, where our make-up was done by makeup artist Lisa Padmo. The first few pictures were taken there as well before we head to town.

I love to tell you all about this amazing experience but, I think its best if I share the results with you. Before you hit the gallery, stay with me and get to know about this amazingly talented designer walking on this earth.


Marjorie Fernandes owner of MFFashion was born in Paramaribo Suriname and moved to Holland as a young girl. She is a proud mother of three very handsome young men and is a person who always puts her family first. She was always passionate about writing, singing, art, and fashion but choose to put all that aside while raising her kids. Now that they are grown-ups she decided to focus on the things she’s very passionate about. Things that bring out the best in her other than her kids.

Inspired by her mother who now is her guardian angel, Marjorie started designing African wear for men and women. While growing up she was very close to her mother and saw her wearing all those beautiful clothes of African fabrics made by her own hands. She often stood next to her mother when she was making clothes and her love and passion for clothing kept growing, especially when she realized that the outfits her mother wore were more than just clothing, it was a way of staying connected with the Goddess inside.


Proud, as an “African Queen”, is how she saw her mother, breathtaking! Until this day her mother is her biggest inspiration in life. Marjorie was aware of her passion for designing but when she stepped into the journey of finding herself and her purpose in life she felt a very strong connection to African print fabrics. She started designing outfits made of African print with the focus on people who are confident, fierce, happy, free and who most of all dare to think out of the box.


After sharing her designs with a good friend she received all the motivation she needed to take part in a  fashion event. Her first collection was showcased at the “I AM” Fashion weekend 2016 in Holland. Surprisingly she was nominated as the best designer during that event. This was just the beginning of greatness.

Shortly after her first fashion show Marjorie was ready to participate in Fashion Week New York. Together with fashion models Sensemilja Sumter and Nasteha Wilheje she traveled to the city that never sleeps and showcases her designs in two fashion shows. She also did a fashion shoot at  Time Square, which was her second big break.  It was a hell of a trip but she got a lot out of it. Her friends and family were very impressed by her creativity when she posted the pictures on social media and the request for her designs kept coming in. At that point, Marjorie knew that there was no turning back!

She went to Poland and Italy and I participated in several Fashion shows. She recently took part in African Fashion Week Europe and was also I featured in the 2nd edition of  AK magazine .


There is no stopping her from reaching her goals. This massive go-gether is currently busy with the set up of her boutique by the name of “The House of Marjorie Fernandes Fashion”. She is also working on the launch of website, a webshop and she is designing her new collection.

True her brand she aims to connect cultures while maintaining self-identity. She is a free spirit who thinks out of the box and is very proud of her homeland. Suriname will always be her home! One of her biggest goals and dreams is to put Suriname on the map. I honestly think she is doing that already because in my opinion she represents Suriname very well. This Ironwoman is moving mountains and is definitely a role model the fashion industry.


Marjorie will travel back to Suriname and she will share her knowledge and experience with the aim to add value to the fashion Industry. She will organize workshops and a fashion event as well. Isn’t this woman amazing!!!

I bet you guys are very excited to see more of this bundle of creativity, so feel free to hit the gallery.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and most of all don’t forget to follow and support Marjorie Fernandes. 

Signing out with much love for Fashion.



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