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Can you believe how quickly Halloween is coming around? Have you got your outfit sorted? What about your make up?  If you don’t have the artistic talent yourself, you can probably find a makeup artist in your area willing to help you out for Halloween. In case you didn’t plan that yet, my girl Kay van Dal has got you covered!🕷🕸✨

Kay is a certified make up artist, hairstyles and the owner of Kay Beauty Bar in Suriname. I admire this young lady her drive and I’m really fascinated by the way she expresses her talents. Those who know me, know that I have a special love for talented and passionate people. Other than that I love to share my experience with these special people with the world knowing that it can add value to the lives of others.

The world makes room for passionate people!

Before I continue sharing my experience with Kay, I would love to share my thoughts about Halloween. As a child, I was not allowed to celebrate Halloween and when I became an adult I actually never thought about doing that either. Even though I never celebrated Halloween I was always impressed by all the creativity going on around that time of the year. The looks, massive makeovers, the outfits and the whole transformation.

I met Kay a few months ago during the recording of an infomercial of a well known Company in Suriname. She was hired by them to do the makeover of people who would be in the video. Since I was indirectly involved in the happening I could witness Kay her work for the first time. I was very impressed! I was dedicated to get a face beat by her. So I looked her up on instagram to see more of her work.

When I contacted Kay to tell her about my idea of getting a special face beat by her she was excited. So I few days after I head to her salon for the makeover which I was planning to vlog about on my  youtube channel Adventureswithlivv. Watch the video to get a glimpse of the amazing expression of creativity and talent. You will be amazed!!!

So while you’re counting down the days until Halloween don’t hesitate to give Kay a call and get transformed and ready for the big day. If you want to see more of Kay her work, check out the photo gallery on to of this blog or follow her on social media.

About Kay

“I started in 2011, with beauty. I started with hairtyling and makeup. I always knew I was interested in what the beauty world has to offer and I would like to experience every step of such road. My dream is to once have a beauty house and help others grow in this branche.”

— Kay van Dal (make up artist & hairstylist)

Instagram: Kay Beauty Bar 

Facebook: kayvandal_

Happy Halloween all…..have a good one.

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