The Journey of a Newbie Runner

Hello gorgeous people!!!!

I know, I know, it has been a while. I’ve been living my life and living it well, but its good to be back on the blog. Recently I have been up to something new and it feels simply amazing. I can just not resist sharing it with you. So here I go.

I always wanted to be able to run long distances but I have been procrastinating and coming up with a lot of excuses why not to do it. 3 weeks ago I was officially done with all the excuses and ready to chase my dream. I challenged myself to run for 45 minutes without stopping and I kind of had an “aha” moment like “I CAN DO THIS”!

I wasn’t planning to give up this time and I knew I would need some help to stay on track so I started looking for a running coach. Through a friend of mind, I got in touch with a professional runner and coach misses Irene Tijndal. After our intake conversation, she introduced me to the running group that she leads and before I knew I was running 3 days a week with them.


After my first week of training, I ran 7 km, can you imagine that?
I realized that running is more of a mental exercise than a physical one. After my second week of training, I was ready for my second long run. That day I hit the pavement thinking I was going to do 7 km again and I didn’t even think I’d make the whole 10 km!
When I completed 7 km, I don’t know what I was thinking, but I just knew I wanted to keep running. I wanted to hit 10km and I did. I had so much energy towards the end of the run, which is peculiar to me. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. It may not be a big accomplishment for you Daily Milers out there but I am just in complete awe of myself.
Running 10km is one of the best gifts to myself. I never knew that I would just love running so much.


During one of my training sessions with the running group I heard about a Trail run which would be held, today Sunday the 9th of September. I didn’t even think twice before signing up for it. I actually didn’t really knew what I signed up for and what I could expect but I just wanted to run and challenge myself.

So today I headed out of town with my partner and her sister, ready to join the 4.5K Trail race. I knew it would be challenging since I am not an experienced Trail runner but I was definitely up for it. Now that I am sitting here reflecting on the race this morning I actually think it was quite challenging.

There was water, mudder, slippery rocks, and so many other obstacles…….but it was still a blast. I have learned that to be an effective trail runner, you need a different mindset and racing style than a road runner. The obstacles that trail runners experience is totally different.   

Was it difficult? Yes. Am I going to be in pain tomorrow or the day after. Definitely! Was it also one of the most satisfying things I ever accomplished? Absolutely! Be it the joy of saying “I’ve run a Tough Trail race with an incredible group of people who helped push me along the way. The experience was priceless.

I definitely recommend the Trail run to anyone even slightly interested in running— it’s one of the most gratifying things you’ll ever accomplish. Guaranteed!

I will keep running for sure and I am ready for my next challenge.

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