What we think we become: The benefits of “I AM” AFFIRMATIONS

Well hello there, gorgeous people! ……I know, I know, it has been a few days and you guys missed me. I missed you guys too!!

Today I’m talking about the fact that “I AM” SO AMAZING! I know how arrogant, nuts and crazy I might look writing that statement so boldly and honestly! But I’m not going to lie; it feels good to say it because It is the truth and the more I say it, the more I can feel it within every inch of my body. “I AM” AN AMAZING PERSON! You must be wondering where this attitude is coming from, all of a sudden. To take away the confusion, let me rewind…..take a few step backward and do a proper introduction of what I will be sharing is this blog.Today’s blog post is all about, positive thoughts, positive actions, and positive expressions. Today’s blog is about my experience with affirmations and to be more specific, my experience with “I AM” affirmations. As mentioned in my last blog, I do affirmations on a daily basis and I will continue doing that. I am really inspired to share my experience with you.

Positive Affirmations or Mantras are some sorts of phrases or words that you keep listening to, repeating them in your own head or even out loud or you could actually write them down…that works well for me. In fact every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation. All of our self-talk, our internal dialogue, is a stream of affirmations. You’re using affirmations every moment whether you know it or not. You’re affirming and creating your life experiences with every word and thought.

The idea with affirmations is that it trains your subconscious mind to actually believing what you are telling it so once you believe in it, it becomes automatic then you start acting upon it. For example… I am happy, I am beautiful, I am wise, I am happy, I am beautiful, I am wise,….go on…


I started doing positive affirmations almost three years ago. I can remember that I was reading lots of books, articles, and anything about how to improve myself and the quality of my life and that’s when I came across Affirmations. At first, I went online and search for videos for spoken positive affirmations whether it was for well being, success, self-love or relaxation. I was just choosing the ones that I thought were best for me. Even though I am a very patient person I wanted to feel and see the change right away and since I was not patient in this particular situation, I started slacking off.

On some point, I was having a major set back in my personal life and I was reaching out to everything that could help me keep my head up and get back on track. That’s when I decided to start doing affirmations again and in some unexplainable way I felt the spiritual need to give it my all. I started to create my own affirmations based on what I want to believe and see in my life, I started saying it in the present tense as if I already have it. And I went on and on for days.
Getting to the point, I started changing! When I looked back after a couple of months, I could see multiple positive differences. My life literally went true a transformation. Since then I started believing that doing affirmations isn’t something that works for some and won’t work for everyone; it works when you WORK IT! But, you have to consistently work it. Once you make this a conscious habit for some time, it becomes an unconscious habit – and in the end, you have re-trained your brain. Now I am enjoying all the benefits.
• I became more connected to my soul, calmer, more positive, stronger
• I stayed on track with my wants and needs.
• I started to surround myself with positive things and people
• Good things keep happening to me
• I became more grateful in Life
• Negative things in my life started to disappear

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~Buddha

I can keep on going more and more about what I gained just from repeating “I AM” affirmations and taking them seriously but I do not want you to get bored here. Before I close off I want to share 100 “I AM” affirmations that I wrote down and I frequently express during my self-talk.
1. I AM a soul in human body here on this planet to experience and awaken
2. I AM a sexy, charming, powerful and strong black woman
3. I AM intuitively guided by my soul and the Universe
4. I AM one with the vibration of love
5. I AM walking brilliance
6. I AM bad-ass blogger who touches many people with my writings
7. I AM worthy of all the beautiful things in life
8. I AM surrounded by amazing and loving people who
9. I AM in love with every inch of my body, inside and out
10. I AM proud of being unique. I am the only person on this planet with my fingerprints.
11. I AM a natural at seeing the good in everyone and everything
12. I AM bad-ass blogger who touches many people with my writings
13. I AM worthy of all the beautiful things in life
14. I AM surprising myself every day with how calm I am
15. I AM open and receptive to new avenues of income
16. I AM a creative event producing and I execute the most epic events
17. I AM extremely wealthy and healthy person
18. I AM a blessed beyond measure
19. I AM a natural beauty
20. I AM a sponge who absorbs knowledge and loves to learn from others
21. I AM business Saffy
22. I AM bathing in the river of courage and strength
23. I AM making all the right choices, even the choices that don´t seem right are the right choices.
24. I AM a healthy, kind, loving and generous partner
25. I AM a magnet for positive and kind people
26. I AM much stronger and powerful than any challenge – I choose now to connect with that power
27. I AM beautiful inside and out
28. I AM comfortable in my own skin
29. I AM the master of my thoughts.
30. I AM free of negativity
31. I AM in love with all aspects of my body
32. I AM like a tall tree with thick and strong roots connecting deep into mother earth
33. I AM successful, influent and wealthy
34. I AM walking brilliance
35. I AM charming
36. I AM open to all the wealth that life has to offer
37. I AM deeply fulfilled by all that I do
38. I AM powerful to overcome all negative aspects that present themselves in my life
39. I AM a piece of the creator
40. I AM letting go of all past hurts and painful experience
41. I AM Wonderful
42. I AM creative being with a wild mind that pushes me to limits in a good way
43. I AM a pleasure to be around
44. I AM brought intelligence
45. I AM aware of the fact that whatever I am going through, is a part of my growing process
46. I AM a wonderful leader
47. I AM wise counsel
48. I AM willing to create new habits that support my personal growth
49. I AM confident with who I am
50. I AM wonderful
51. I AM pure life force in a human body. I am life!
52. I AM whole and complete because the masculine and feminine part of me is in perfect balance and harmony
53. I AM in peace and all is well
54. I AM accepting the things I cannot change and I am allowing strength and courage into my life.
55. I AM lively and energetic
56. I AM! There is only one me. I choose to honor that brilliant truth
57. I AM a believer in myself – I am more than good enough
58. I AM turning problems and challenges into possibilities
59. I AM educated, intelligent and bright by all means
60. I AM thinking thoughts that are filled with positivity
61. I AM a fortunate world traveler
62. I AM a magnificent speaker
63. I AM an over achiever and outstanding business partner
64. I AM standing tall in life; I straighten up my back, hold my head up and walk like I mean it. Like my feet are kissing the earth.
65. I AM powerful and confident as hell
66. I AM allowing myself to be totally in sync with life.
67. I AM blessed with many things to be grateful for
68. I AM a great conversationalist
69. I AM positive and optimistic
70. I AM willing to forgive so that I free myself from the chains of the past. I am freeing myself right now.
71. I AM in charge of my own life
72. I AM brilliant, wise and able
73. I AM motivated and inspired to make the choices that I know are for my highest good
74. I AM naturally a successful person
75. I AM enjoying my constant improvement in whatever I choose to do
76. I AM a part of something much bigger than myself
77. I AM a high achiever
78. I AM confident that a can achieve anything
79. I AM creative being with a wild mind that pushes me to limits in a good way
80. I AM blessed and highly favored.
81. I AM a fitness fanatic
82. I AM worthy to have goodness in my life
83. I AM strong and balanced
84. I AM a shower of inner peace
85. I AM unstoppable
86. I AM brimming with energy
87. I AM always protected by my higher self
88. I AM grateful for the sense of well-being that fills my consciousness every day.
89. I AM breathing deeply to elevate my mood and energize my body.
90. I AM Love and Harmony
91. I AM bigger than whatever I experience in life
92. I AM flexible to changes happening in my life
93. I AM a life enthusiast who chooses to live life to the fullest
94. I AM open and allowing for positive things to unfold
95. I AM now Healing Deeply
96. I AM an open channel for creative ideas
97. I AM courageous and I stand up for myself – because I choose to be me
98. I AM patient and tolerant
99. I AM not the fear and limitations of my family and my own, I can erase them as I can clean a dirty window
100. I AM smiling more and more without any reason because it makes me feel good

“Be mindful of your self-talk. It’s a conversation with the Universe.”
– David James Lees

You can start using positive affirmation today to improve your life and help you to get started on where you want to be. Think about one thing that you want right now and make this your positive affirmation. For example, if you have a competition ahead, keep telling yourself, “I am the champion”. This boosts your confidence and allows you to see yourself where you want to be. This also helps you to create specific goals and gain the motivation necessary to achieve them.
Closing off, I want you to keep in mind that each of us is unique and our fantastic-ness comes out in different ways, shapes, forms, and sizes. It’s all about seeing the great in you and appreciating yourself. Your affirmations must directly come from you and not from other people for it to become effective.

If you’ve done affirmations before, I’d love to read your experience. Have you had success with it? If so, I would love to feature your story in an upcoming blog.
If it’s going to be your first time doing affirmations, please tell me how it went. I would love to answer any question for you, so feel free to comment below.

I Hope this blog helped you out…Have a wonderful weekend xoxo. O!


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    I love evry bit of it!!!

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      Thank you my friend.

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    Nicely written and so true.

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      Thank you Nicoke, apologies for my late reply.

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